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These pages are part of the FryFamilyAshland website. Evelyn Lemoine Fry (1915-1977) was the daughter of George Benton Fry, marrying Edward Bernard Czernek (1917-1975) about a year after the death of her father.

Evelyn grew up on the family farm in Nankin, moving to East Cleveland after marrying Charles Doren Hyde. Her husband's family lived next door to her Uncle Will Fry in Sullivan, OH. At the end of World War II she divorced her first husband, borrowing money from her father to buy the house they owned on Carlyon Road.

During World War II the family moved from Lockwood Road to 1652 Carlyon Road, a location near the East Cleveland Train Station. She would rent rooms during the housing shortage of the war period -- and supplement rationing by purchasing meat, eggs, fruit and produce from family members still on the farm.

At the end of 1946, she would marry Edward Czernek, a tool-and-die maker, and he adopted her two girls. They had two children in the 1950s, eventually moving in 1957 to Cleveland Heights. Edward worked for Chrysler's Twinsburg Stamping Plant from its opening until his disability retirement in 1971. Evelyn worked for Higbee Department Stores from 1960 until retiring in 1973. Initially she worked at the downtown anchor store for Higbee's, then later at the Severance Mall store.

Photographs and Images

* Edward's mother, Mary Czernek, and his two sisters, Josephine and Mary taken about 1904
* Mary Paluch Czernek was the daughter of Jacob and Theresa Paluch and was born in Dobczyce, Poland south of Krakow.
* Mary Paluch Czernek obituary from 1961.
* Grave marker for Andrew Czernek at St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Buffalo, NY. Though he died on May 20, 1930 in Buffalo, the gravestone carries the date that it was placed. Born in Tonie (Galicia), Poland just north of Krakow, his father's name was Walenty Czernek.
* Andrew (Andrzej) Czernek's death certificate from May, 1930.
* Andrew's last will and testament:
    -- Page 1
    -- Page 2
    -- Page 3
    -- Page 4
* Evelyn Fry at 4 months.
* Portrait photo of Evelyn Fry at about 6 months (September, 1915).
* Evelyn Fry in elementary school (center, front row).
* Evelyn Fry Czernek, circa 1947.
* Edward and Evelyn Czernek at 1652 Carlyon Road, East Cleveland, around the end of World War II.
* Evelyn Lemoine Fry and Edward Bernard Czernek at their wedding, December 1946.
* Evelyn (L) and Edward Czernek. Third person may be a family friend from Buffalo, Irene Kosin.
* Edward and Evelyn Czernek at East Cleveland residence, around 1955.
* Edward and Evelyn Czernek in a 1968 portrait.
* Edward B. Czernek (1917-1975).

Origins of this common Polish or Czech surname.





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