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Unidentified Fry Family Photos

The initial batch of photos came via the courtesy of Vicky Forbush, of Sullivan, OH, inherited from her father Clifford Earl (Jack) Fry.

A few of the photos were identified and can be found on the "Other Cousins" link. They tend to be the brothers and sisters of George Benton Fry, as well as some neices and nephews.

At least two of the photos are identified, those of Melt Roberts (early in the 20th Century) and Raymond Friend. They may have been friends of Jack Fry but there is no known family relationship.

Anyone with information on pictures on this page can contact Vicky Forbush or Andy Czernek, the webmaster.

Photographs and Images

* Melt Roberts: uniform looks like a train or street car conductor's.
* Marked "Merth and May" -- but what family surrounds them?
* Unknown 1: possibly a Sisson.
* Unknown 3: postcard of a baby.
* Unknown 4: adult female.
* Unknown 5: couple.
* Unknown 6: sisters?
* Unknown 7: baby.
* Unknown 8: young girl
* Unknown 9: couple, taken at J.H. Poff's, Loudonville, OH
* Unknown 10: mother and girl, Mowrey Studios, Ashland, OH
* Unknown 11: girl with curls, Smith Studio, Shelby, OH
* Unknown 12: brunette with curls, Mowrey Studios, Ashland, OH
* Unknown 13: young blonde, Mowrey Studios. Marked with "La France Cabinette", presumably a photographic method
* Unknown 14: adult female, marked "teacher" and done by Burkholder Studio, Mansfield, OH
* Unknown 16: baby portrait, Mowrey Studios
* Unknown 17: baby portrait, Mowrey Studios
* Unknown 18: Catherine Vanosdall Sisson (seated). Markings on photo indicate "Carrie, Catherine" but it is uncertain who the others are in this photo. Circa 1925, when Catherine was about 80.
* Unknown 19: Couple and baby.
* Unknown 20: Myrtle Risden and Wealtha Galloway, a picture taken in Vermillion, OH around 1900 -- but with no known link to other family members.





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