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Fry Family Photo Albums

In March, 2014 we completed work on a Grandparents photo album of about 30 pages. It includes images of John & Catherine Fry; Franklin and Nancy Ann Fry; George Benton and Mae Fry. It also includes my Czernek grandparents.

Grandparents album cover  














Immediately afterwards I started on the much more ambitious project to cover the Aunts/Uncles' families: the Frys, Hauns, Markels, Czerneks and Pences. Included for the first time are pictures of the extensive number of cousins -- and many of their children (the website has virtually no pictures of living relatives for privacy reasons). At this writing there are about 78 pages.

These albums can be printed at virtually any photo service and are in color. This includes Costco,, Shutterfly, Walgreen's and FedEx (Kinko's). Be aware of several things should you decide to print them:

* these links are Adobe Acrobat or PDF files. Some services require a different format. For example, Costco wants photo albums to be in JPG/JPEG format, so you'll have to convert them.
* because of the quirks in the way Adobe Lightroom software handles these albums, there's a separate file for the cover.
* if your printer has any questions about copyright, show them the title page in which it is specifically stated that "there is no copyright to any of this material because we'd like to encourage its use in descendents' own genealogies".
* virtually every service has coupons that allow you to print books at substantial discounts, from 15 to 40 percent. is a high-quality service that I used for proof copies but it is expensive, even with 30% coupons.
* do not hesitate to drop pages from the book that are unrelated to your own families. If a print service questions the copyright, please direct them to the Preface in each book, which notes publication without copyright.
* I don't expect many additions to the Grandparents Photo Album. But I do expect that the Aunts-Uncles Photo Album will change over time.
* Finally, your Internet browser may handle these pages in a quirky fashion. If they don't open, try "Open link in new tab" or even try another browser.


Family photo albums (stored on Dropbox, an online service):
Grandparents Photo Album, February, 2014 (about 15M)
Grandparents Album cover

Aunts Uncles Photo Album, August, 2015 (fourth draft, about 62M)
Aunts-Uncles Album cover





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