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From the Ashland, OH Times-Gazette
Saturday, June 17, 1995


Historic Ashland County: The Welch School

by Betty Plank

  When Helen Welch Jacobs started to school, she did not have far to go. The Welch School was located on what is now County Road 620 across from her family home.

Mrs. Jacobs, who lives on the family farm, which was recognized as a century farm in 1976, said it was the first deed written by the land office in Wooster in the early 1800s.

She not only attended the school, but she later taught there and has the two record books which contain the atttendance and grades that were part of the annual report to the Orange District Schools.

Her 1906 classmates were Carrie Garver, Myrtle Fry, Juliette Garver, Vera Cunningham, Edna Bryan, Gracie Bryan, Jennie McCarty, Nina Hart, Mary Myers, Charlie Haun, George Garver, Mont Fry, Don Fry, Thomas McCarty, Alvin McCarty, Paul Fry, Alfred Bryan, and Eugene Hart.

Welch School, Ashland, OH, 1906 students

Teacher Sara Ellen Donley poses with her class in this 1906 picture. In the first row (from L) are Mont Fry, Mary Myers, Don Fry, Grace Bryan, Helen Welch, and George Garver. In the second row are Myrtle Fry, Edna Bryan, Vera Cunningham, and Juliette Garver. In the third row are Tom McCarty, Carrie Garver, Alfred Bryan, and Charlie Haun.


In the back of the book are listed the names of vistors and other information. The balance for an organ ($22) was paid in November, and a clock was put in in 1907 and was paid in full in 1908 ($5).

Sarah Ellen Donley was the teacher. Other early teachers were Cliff Shoohoy, and Ida E. Rickel.

In 1922 Jacobs returned as the teacher for a year. Her pupils, who ranged in age from 6 to 15, included the following: Ralph Bright, Donna Bell Glassner, Marie Hileman, Roger Kerr, Ann Fry, Edwin Glessner, Anne Kerr, Richard Kerr, James Kerr, Clifford Fry, and Vernon Leaman.

She returned again in 1927 to a class of 20 including some of her former pupils and Cester Edwards, Cora Ellen Donley, Jim Coffman, David Pence, Junior Pence, James McCullough, Florence Haney, Marshall Pence, Mary Coffman, Kethryn Edwards, Evelyn Fry, and Kathryn Pence.

O.H. Maffet was the county superintendent. The school ceased to exist at this time and was dismantled.

Welch School, Ashland, OH, demolished after 1927 school year

The Welch School, part of the Orange District School System in Ashland County, OH was formerly located on County Road 620. It was dismantled after the 1927 school year.





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