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John and Catherine Eberhardt Fry

Mcdonnell's 1861 Atlas: Mohican Township

McDonnell's 1861 Atlas for Mohican Township, OH. By now John and Catherine have added the Beaird property (1851) to their original purchase of the Potdorf land (1837) for a total of 174 acres.

As will be common through time, the family history would be interwoven with those families living nearby. J. Eberhart -- on the neighboring land -- may well be a relative of Catherine's. Other families that would be involved in the Fry family future include the Offiniers (Offineers); Metcalfs; Scisson (the Caldwell 1874 atlas corrects it to Sisson); and possibly even the Lybargers.

Leonard Lybarger would be family lawyer for Evelyn Fry Czernek 100 years later in Cleveland, though the link has never been confirmed.

This original Fry homestead can still be easily identified in satellite photos just north of Mohicanville, OH.





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