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George Benton and Maude Mae Sisson Fry

Frys at Humphrey House

NEW: See what the "Humphrey House" looks like in 2008 (below).

The four young children in this picture (L-R) are Myrtle, Bernice, Montgomery and Don Fry. Maude Mae appears pregnant (she would lose a child in infancy in 1906). George Benton Fry is seated. At the far right is James Earl Fry, who was living with his brother as early as 1900. The elder girl standing is unknown.

From the ages of the children, the first guess was that this photo was taken about 1905. Uncle Jack Fry told his children that this picture was taken while Maude Mae was pregnant with him, which would put the picture in 1913. However, the family is in Orange Township near Nankin by the time of the April, 1910 Census, so a 1905 or 1906 date is more likely.

A number of photos refer to the "Humphrey house," which may have been rented from the family of an aunt. The location is somewhere near McKay, OH in Green Township, where George and Maude Mae were living during the June, 1900 Census. The 1900 Census shows the Harvey Humphrey family nearby. Also, three children born during that decade and who died in infancy are buried side-by-side in the Bethesda Cemetery just west of McKay, OH.

Humphrey House in McKay, OH

The Humphrey home in a picture taken Nov. 7, 2008. According to Gary Hinkle (a Humphrey descendent), the house was built in the mid-1800s, possibly about 1850. It is located at 2302 Township Rd, 707, Green Township. The farm is still 148 acres, as it was when Andrew Humphrey owned this land. The original barn is still standing.

The Humphrey-Fry link was made when Benjamin Fry (1838-1898) married Mary A. Humphrey (1843-1898). For researchers, note that like other family Benjamin's last name often appears as "Frye" and Mary Jane's family name sometimes appears as "Unphrey".





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